The Legend of Holly Claus


Santa Claus is the King of Forever, Land of the Immortals. When one special boy writes to Santa asking what no other child has ever asked, a miracle occurs: Santa and Mrs. Claus are blessed with a daughter. But the birth of Holly Claus also brings about a terrible curse—from an evil soul named Herrikhan. Holly’s heart is frozen, and the gates to Forever are locked, barring exit or entry.

As she grows into a beautiful and selfless young woman, Holly longs to break the spell that holds her people hostage. With four faithful and magical animal friends, she escapes to the wondrous world of Victorian New York, where she will face countless dangers, adventures, and a miracle all her own.

Author: Brittney Ryan

Goodreads | Amazon

Rating: 5/5

This book is one of the greatest dark horses of my life. My mother bought it for me many years ago, and I have re-read it several times since then. I also lend it to friends whenever I can, and they always love it as well. It’s Christmas magic meets Anastasia meets The Little Mermaid (just bear with me here).

Holly Claus is the daughter of Santa and Mrs. Claus, made possible by the magic that is created when a young boy asks Santa what he’d like for Christmas instead of providing a traditional Christmas list. Enter the evil, cursed-out-of-magic-land villain (who reminds me a lot of Rasputin in the Disney telling of Anastasia). Growing up, she must always remain at home for her own safety. Naturally, she becomes increasingly curious about the rest of the world, and she flees the safety of her castle and country for adventure, companionship, and—ultimately—the triumph of good over evil.

As a children’s book, the characters and plot are not very complex, but they are very lovable. The story is ripe with magic and adventure.

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