The Complete Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes was the brain-child of British author Arthur Conan Doyle and is easily the most famous fictional detective of all time. The success and popularity of his stories helped launched the genre of detective fiction. With his (nearly) infallible logic, astute observation skills, gentlemanly conduct and endearing personality quirks, Holmes has been a favorite of readers around the world for over a century. This collection features most of the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle — a total of 48 stories and 4 novels.

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Goodreads | Amazon

Rating: 5/5

How can I critique Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes? I can’t. He is brilliant and timeless.

I had a lot of fun making my way through these stories. In fact, I read a lot of them while I was running on the treadmill (not as hard as it sounds, haha). Many of the stories only took about 30 minutes or so to get through, which was perfect for my workouts. It was especially fun to watch the BBC series as I was making my way through and notice all the ways they used the original stories to create their modern adaptations.

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