The Metamorphosis and Other Stories


Virtually unknown during his lifetime, Franz Kafka is now one of the world’s most widely read and discussed authors. His nightmarish novels and short stories have come to symbolize modern man’s anxiety and alienation in a bizarre, hostile, and dehumanized world. This vision is most fully realized in Kafka’s masterpiece, “The Metamorphosis,” a story that is both harrowing and amusing, and a landmark of modern literature. 

Author: Franz Kafka

Amazon | Goodreads

Rating: 4/5

As a general rule, I don’t critique classics. I will, however, gladly offer commentary on my experiences reading them. I hadn’t read anything by Kafka before, including “The Metamorphosis.” Needless to say, Kafka is weird. I found myself following along with a story pretty well…until I wasn’t anymore, or until it abruptly ended. But this made me think harder, and I think I enjoyed his works more for it.

I also found myself reading Kafka at the dentist and realized I’m that person. And proud?

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